Ukraine, Russia denies death of Admiral Sokolov: video with Shoigu released

Kiev claimed to have killed the commander of the Russian Black Sea fleet in the attack on the Sevastopol base

Russian Admiral Viktor Sokolov, the commander of the Russian Black Sea Fleet who was left for dead by the Ukrainians in the bombing of the base in Sevastopol, is alive. This was written by the Ria Novosti news agency, which released a video with images of a meeting at the Ministry of Defense chaired by Sergei Shoigu in which the commander of the Fleet was present.

Kiev’s announcement

Ukraine claimed yesterday that it had killed the commander of the Russian Black Sea fleet in the attack on the Sevastopol base. “After the attack on the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation in Sevastopol, 34 officers died, including the commander, Vice Admiral Viktor Sokolov. Another 105 occupants were injured. The headquarters building cannot be restored,” RBC-Ukraine announced, citing Kiev’s special forces.

Black Sea Fleet weakened after attacks? The analysis

According to the Ministry of Defense in London, the recent attacks on the Russian Black Sea fleet, including the one in which Sokolov is said to have died, have reduced its strength and potential, without however depriving it of its ability to carry out the tasks it is called upon to perform in time of war. “The Russian Black Sea fleet – reads the British intelligence report on the situation in Ukraine – has suffered a series of serious attacks in recent weeks, culminating in those launched against its headquarters on 20 and 22 September 2023. These attacks have been more damaging than ever before and the physical damage is severe, if localized. The fleet almost certainly remains capable of carrying out its main wartime missions, such as cruise missile strikes and local security patrols “.

“It is however likely – the report continues – that its ability to continue to expand regional security patrols and to impose a de facto blockade of Ukrainian ports is likely to be reduced. It also probably has a reduced ability to defend its assets in port “A dynamic battle is underway in the Black Sea. This will likely force Russia to take a reactive stance,” the report concludes, underlining how recent attacks have also served to undermine the Kremlin’s influence in one of the ports over which it has control. direct control in occupied territory, Sevastopol.