Ukraine-Russia, Di Maio: “There is room for a diplomatic solution”

Foreign Minister in Kiev: “The solution must be shared in a broader European security framework”

“After the talks today in Kiev with the Ukrainian government I can say that there is a space for a diplomatic solution “ of the crisis between Ukraine and Russia. “Obviously a solution to be such must be shared in a broader European security framework”. This is what Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio said, after meeting with his Ukrainian colleague Dmitro Kuleba, assuring that “I will talk about it on Thursday in Moscow with our Russian colleague Lavrov and in the coming days we will continue to consult with our European and Atlantic partners, starting from the Foreign Affairs Council next Monday in Brussels “.

“It remains essential, at the same time, to ensure that contacts with the Russian Federation continue within the framework of the Nsato-Russia Council”, he added.

“The only way forward is the one that leads to peace and stability. I am convinced that for the current crisis there is only a diplomatic solution that puts an end to the tensions and avoids any aggression”, he said again. “Italy, in coordination with its partners, concentrates every effort on this solution – he assured – In these hours diplomacy must not stop, it is the only real peaceful weapon to avoid a conflict”.

“We continue to support the negotiations in progress, also in the Normandy Format and we hope that a summit of the four will be convened as soon as possible” at the level of leaders, he added, reiterating “as only with the concrete and sincere commitment of all, starting from Countries more involved, we will be able to identify the way to overcome a crisis with unpredictable consequences which, jeopardizing peace and stability, would be absolutely deleterious for our continent “.

The Italian embassy in Kiev “remains fully operational”, then highlighted Di Maio.