Ukraine-Russia, drone attack on Moscow

The city is once again a target of Kiev: two buildings damaged, one injured. Airport closed. Defense Ministry: “Ukrainian attack with 25 drones on Crimea repelled”

The Russian capital Moscow is once again the target of a drone attack. A total of three aircraft were shot down, the Russian Defense Ministry reported this morning, according to the state news agency Tass. “Ukrainian drones attacked last night,” city mayor Sergei Sobyanin explained on Telegram. The facade of two office buildings was damaged, Tass also reported an injured security guard citing the emergency services. Sobyanin had previously written to Telegram that there had been no deaths or injuries.

Moscow’s Vnukovo Airport in the south-west of the Russian capital has been temporarily closed to departures and arrivals, according to TASS. Flights have been hijacked. Activities continued at the other airports in the region.

The Russian Defense Ministry also reported: an attack launched by Kiev with 25 drones on the Crimea would have been repelled during the night. Of the 25 drones, 16 were destroyed by aviation security systems while the other 9 were shot down by electronic security systems.

“The Kiev regime attempted to carry out a terrorist attack with 25 aerial-type drones on facilities on the territory of the Crimean peninsula overnight,” the statement said. The nine neutralized drones “crashed in the waters of the Black Sea and at Cape Tarkhankut”.