Ukraine-Russia, fighting on the banks of the Dnipro: Kiev advances

Moscow responds to Ukrainian actions

Ukraine advances on the east bank of the Dnipro, Russia responds. The war, which has been ongoing for over 600 days, according to today’s latest news, is experiencing a crucial phase in southern Ukraine. The Kiev command announced that the Russian military bombed the village of Pishchanivka, in the area occupied by Moscow forces in the Kherson region. This implies the presence of Kiev fighters inside the territory. Previously, the Ukrainian bank of the Dnipro River was bombed, resulting in several civilian casualties.

Crimea, the Kerch bridge remains a target

“The Crimean Bridge remains a vital link to support the Russian occupation in Crimea and southern Ukraine”, but its “vulnerable structure” remains under threat of attacks from Kiev and this represents “a significant burden” for the Russia, forced to use forces in its defense that could be deployed elsewhere. This is what the usual British military intelligence bulletin writes today.

“On October 14, 2023, Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin said that the damage from the Ukrainian attack on the Crimean bridge last July had been repaired ahead of schedule. Although the bridge is fully operational – the British services write – its use remains restricted due to procedures introduced after the first Ukrainian attack in October 2022. Trucks and fuel continue to arrive via ferry.”

“The Crimean Bridge remains a vital link to support the Russian occupation of Crimea and its forces in southern Ukraine. However – the bulletin notes – it is also a significant security burden that requires protection at multiple levels, including “use of air defense systems and personnel that could have been deployed elsewhere. The confidence of Russian security forces in their ability to defend the bridge will continue to be threatened by the ingenuity of the military and security services.”