Ukraine: “Russia has no resources to attack.” US tank in Germany

Kiev: “Moscow has missiles, but cannot conduct an offensive”. The Abrams will be used for training

Russia does not have the resources to conduct a new large-scale offensive. This is the ‘verdict’ of Ukrainian intelligence, according to the picture that the spokesman Andriy Yusov outlines on Kiev TV. Russia, he says, “is on the defensive” when “the entire front line” is considered. Moscow’s forces lack the weapons and men “to replicate large-scale offensive actions. Throughout the last period they have been preparing for defense and this is an important factor that the Ukrainian command certainly takes into consideration when preparing for liberate the occupied territories,” says Yusov.

Russia, he continues, retains the ability to conduct missile raids even if the shortage of weapons in this area could be felt. The Kalibr missiles, in particular, are not numerous: “They are looking for alternative solutions, they are looking for weapons all over the world but so far they have not achieved particular successes”. Russia would still have a large number of S-300 missiles at its disposal, capable of causing considerable damage while not shining for accuracy.

The war, meanwhile, for now always revolves around Bakhmut’s fulcrum. The city in eastern Ukraine is at the center of the conflict. The general staff in Kiev still describes heavy clashes, linked to “ineffective offensive actions” by Russian forces. “Ukrainian units have repulsed numerous attacks in the area of ​​the city of Mariinka,” explains Kiev. Yuriy Fedorenko, an officer of the 92nd Brigade, posted an update on Telegram stating that Ukrainian soldiers have consolidated positions and gained ground in some areas over the past 3 days.

Meanwhile, while President Volodymyr Zelensky is returning home after his European tour – Rome, Berlin, Paris and London – news arrives from Germany that may help clarify Kiev’s plans. 31 American Abrams M1 tanks have landed on German territory, as announced by the Pentagon. In the next 15 days, Ukrainian soldiers will arrive in Germany to be trained in the use of the vehicles. The training will last several months and the Abrams intended for use in war should arrive in Ukraine next autumn.