Ukraine, Russia intensify attacks from Crimea

Kiev: “18 drones and a Kh-59 guided missile destroyed”. The Sumy area was also bombed

Russia intensifies attacks from Crimea against Ukraine. According to the latest news today, December 4, 2023, Russian forces launched 23 Shahed drones into Ukraine from Crimea during the early hours of today. “The enemy attacked with 23 Shahed-136/131 attack drones from Cape Chauda in occupied Crimea and with a guided missile from the airspace of the occupied Kherson region,” reads a Ukrainian Air Force post on Telegram . According to the post, 18 drones and the Kh-59 guided missile were destroyed by Ukrainian air defense. Fighter planes, anti-aircraft missile units and mobile fire groups were used to repel the attack.

Moscow bombs 4 communities in the Sumy region

Russian forces attacked four settlements in Sumy Oblast. The local military administration reported this on Telegram, specifying that the Moscow army targeted the communities of Khotin, Putvyl, Krasnopillia and Nova Sloboda with mortar shells. No casualties or damage to civilian infrastructure were reported. The community of Krasnopillia, which has around 7,800 inhabitants, was the one that suffered the most intense attacks. The city is located about 12 kilometers west of the border between Russia and Ukraine.

Kiev: “Moscow has lost 332,810 soldiers since the start of the war”

Russia has lost 332,810 soldiers in Ukraine since the start of its large-scale invasion on February 24, 2022, the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces reported. Included in the number are 770 casualties suffered by Russian forces in the last day. According to the report, Russia also lost 5,580 tanks, 10,401 armored combat vehicles, 10,451 fuel vehicles and tanks, 7,961 artillery systems, 913 multiple launch rocket systems, 602 air defense systems, 323 aircraft, 324 helicopters , 6,017 drones, 22 boats and a submarine.

Moscow confirms the death of one of its generals

Russia confirms the death of a general in Ukraine, who was the deputy commander of the 14th Army Corps. After the rumors circulated in recent days, the news of the death of General Vladimir Zavadsky was confirmed via Telegram by the governor of the Russian region of Voronezh, Alexander Gusev. In the post Gusev writes that the general died “in a combat position in the special operation zone”, in Ukraine.

Reports circulated last week that a Russian general had died in a landmine explosion, but it was unclear where the incident occurred although the unit in question was believed to be in the Kherson region at the time. According to press reports, images of Zavadsky, who died aged 45, had been used by Russian military propaganda to attract new recruits. According to the BBC, at least seven Russian generals are believed to have died in Ukraine since the Russian invasion began on 24 February 2022.

Russian soldiers who killed Ukrainian prisoners of war died

The group of Russian soldiers, who were recorded executing two Ukrainian prisoners of war in Donetsk Oblast, were killed. This was confirmed by Oleksandr Shtupun, spokesman for the Tavria group of Ukrainian forces. “I can confirm that in the course of hostilities the group of Russian occupiers who committed this crime ceased to live,” Shtupun said.

Footage published on December 2 by the Ukrainian DeepState Telegram channel appeared to show a group of Russian soldiers killing two Ukrainian soldiers as they emerged from a trench. One of the two had his hands behind his head.

The Donetsk Oblast Prosecutor’s Office has opened an investigation into violations of the rules and customs of war. The killing of prisoners of war violates the Geneva Convention and constitutes a war crime.