Ukraine, Russia: “It is not excluded that the US is spying on Zelensky”

Kremlin: “France involved in conflict, cannot be a mediator”

”It cannot be excluded” that the United States is spying on Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky, ”as they do with others”. This was stated at the press conference by Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, underlining that “the fact that the United States has long since begun to monitor various heads of state, especially European ones, has repeatedly emerged. Therefore, it cannot be excluded” that Zelensky is under American surveillance.

Furthermore, for Peskov it is difficult to imagine that France could play a mediating role in the conflict in Ukraine, since Paris is indirectly and directly involved in the conflict on Kiev’s side. Kremlin spokesmen thus commented on Chinese President Xi Jinping’s proposal to his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron to play a mediating role between Russia and Ukraine.

“Paris cannot now claim the role of mediator, because Paris took the side of one of the participants in the conflict. Paris, moreover, is involved both indirectly and directly in this conflict on the side of Ukraine. Therefore, it is still difficult to imagine any attempt at mediation,” Peskov told reporters.

As for a possible truce in view of Orthodox Easter, which will fall on April 16th, “‘no plan has been put forward”, ”but Holy Week has just begun”.

“Let’s not forget that Moscow has already presented initiatives and has joined” truce proposals, “but has faced the reluctance of the Kiev regime” to welcome it, Peskov underlined.

Finally, the Russian government is ”following with interest” the leak of confidential documents from the United States regarding the conflict in Ukraine. Peskov, answering a question about the possible involvement of Russian agencies, said that “by now there is a tendency to blame Russia, always and for everything”. And he added that ”the leaks are interesting” and that ”everyone is studying, analyzing and discussing them extensively”.