Ukraine-Russia, Italian in Dnipro: “Airport destroyed in view of Donbass offensive”

“Rest, I’m useful here, to coordinate aid from Italy and abroad”

There is “unrest and tension” in Dnipro, in central Ukraine, two hundred kilometers from Donbass. Because ” the sirens sound, last night I counted 13 bombs ”. For the moment, however, “they are not deliberately targeting civilian homes, as they have done in other cities, Kiev, Kharkiv and Mariupol”, while “yesterday they completely destroyed what remained of the airport with the last four bombs. A goal achieved in four times ”. And this is why Nicola B., the last Italian left in Dnipro, tells Adnkronos that he has decided to continue to stay, ” because I am more useful here, I have to coordinate the aid that comes from Italy and from ‘ abroad ”.

In the city, which according to the businessman from Bergamo has turned into an ” Illuminitary hub ”, there is not a lot of information circulating on the targets hit, ” there is a tendency not to speak ”. ” They destroyed the airport, fuel depots, some factories. They want to take away from the Ukrainians the possibility of using means, military fighters and of refueling in view of the offensive in the Donbass ”, he said, adding that ” the strategy of the Russians is clear, they want to weaken the Ukrainians ”.