Ukraine-Russia, Kiev changes military plans after US news leaks

CNN refers in particular to 53 documents, which would have been disseminated on the social Discord between mid-February and the beginning of March

L’Ukraine had to change its plans due to US intelligence documents published on social media. This was reported by CNN, quoting a source close to President Volodymyr Zelensky. The American broadcaster refers in particular to 53 documents, which would have been disseminated on the social Discord between mid-February and the beginning of March.

Some of the documents, which US officials say are authentic, highlight US-led intelligence activities also in relation to key allies, including South Korea, Israel and Ukraine. Other files document the American ability to acquire information relating to the Russian defense ministry and Wagner, the mercenary company led by Yevgeny Prigozhin. The information is obtained through intercepted communications and thanks to the contribution of sources that may now be in danger. The ‘leaked documents’ also deal with the shortcomings of the Ukrainian military machine: ranging from the deficiencies of the air defense to the immediate intervention capacity of some departments.

According to one of the recently leaked documents, Ukraine’s air defense network is at risk of being overwhelmed unless it is strengthened soon, according to the New York Times. So far, Ukraine’s air defenses have proven surprisingly effective at defending the country against Russian attacks and preventing Russia from gaining control of Ukrainian airspace. Repeated Russian strikes, however, are draining Ukraine’s stockpile of weapons, perhaps opening the door for Russian planes to more easily inflict damage on Ukraine, writes the NYT.

American intelligence manages “on a daily basis” to obtain information on Russian actions, on specific objectives: “Such intelligence activity has allowed the United States to transfer crucial information to Ukraine” to organize “defense”. The documents indicate that the US “also appears to be spying on Ukraine’s military and political leaders”. It is “a sign of Washington’s difficulties in having a clear vision of Ukraine’s war strategies”.

The NYT highlights a further aspect: the dissemination of confidential documents risks complicating relations with the intelligence agencies of other countries, which could only now become aware of information not previously shared. Furthermore, “the documents could damage diplomatic ties in other ways as well. The newly revealed intelligence documents make it clear that the US is not only spying on Russia, but also on its allies”, with particular reference to South Korea. Nothing shocking for the ‘insiders’: the effect on public opinion, however, could be far more significant.