Ukraine, Russia: Kiev missiles hit power plants in Donetsk

The Zuhres and Novyi Svit plants would have been hit and some people on the spot would have been injured

Two thermal power plants in the Donetsk region of Ukraine controlled by Russian forces have been damaged by a rocket attack by the Ukrainian army. This was reported by officials based in Moscow and the Russian state news agency Tass. Based on initial reports, the plants in Zuhres and Novyi Svit were reportedly hit and some people at the scene reportedly injured, officials said on their Telegram channels. Two people may be trapped under debris at the damaged Starobesheve power plant in Novyi Svit, Tass said.

007 KIEV – “There could be a new raid” by Russia “as early as today or tomorrow. Temperatures are dropping. And the Russians haven’t attacked our infrastructure for a few days,” said Vadim Skibitsky, deputy of Ukrainian military intelligence, in a interview with Corriere della Sera. Could the Russians attack again as soon as the so-called unilateral “truce” ends? “Yes, of course we expect it. We know very well what their ceasefires are, it was the same in 2014. They don’t mean anything. We don’t rule out that there will be a new attack at the end of this holiday,” said Skibitsky.

“THE LARGEST MINEFIELD IN THE WORLD” – The war has created a minefield of 250,000 square kilometers in Ukraine. This was stated by Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal. “It is currently the largest minefield in the world,” he told South Korean news agency Yonhap in an interview published today. The mined area, according to Shmyhal, is equivalent to more than 40% of the total land area of ​​Ukraine. “Not only does it make it difficult for people to travel, but it also causes major disruptions to agriculture, which is one of our main industries,” he said. Residential areas of civilians were hit the hardest. “Russia is targeting infrastructure in densely populated areas,” Shmyhal stressed.