Ukraine Russia, Kiev prepares counter-offensive: US news intelligence

It will include air and ground operations

L’Ukraine has begun to “shape) a counter-offensive. This was confirmed by American military sources cited by CNN which confirm that Ukrainian forces are organizing operations in the south of the country to prepare the battlefield for “a significant counter-offensive”. The counter-offensive will include air and ground operations. It is therefore the preliminary phase which consists of hitting weapon systems, command and control centers, ammunition depots and other targets to prepare the battlefield. According to US estimates, Russia has deployed fewer units along the front line than previously assumed. Many of the existing units are deployed with lower forces, some in the half (by number of men).

The ground counter-offensive of the Ukrainian forces has begun to regain control of the territories occupied by the Russians in the south-east of the country, the southern command announced. The Kiev post explains that the Kiev military has broken through the first line of Russian defense in the Kherson region. No further information has been provided for now, such as the point at which the Ukrainian military managed to overtake the Russians, nor independent confirmation of progress on the ground. The ground operation was preceded in the night by rocket launches mounted on the Himars against command centers and bridges. Kiev claims to have blocked the supply of Russian heavy weapons thanks to the destruction of key bridges.

Kiev: Russia intends to mobilize 90,000 more soldiers

The Russian armed forces intend to mobilize an additional 90,000 soldiers. The Kiev intelligence reports. ” Different approaches are also used: so-called volunteer battalions and reserve battalions, battalions of the so-called ‘country’s combat army reserve’, which are now recruiting in each military district to replenish losses, increase their efforts and increase the number of the group that can be used against our state, ” said the representative of the main intelligence directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Vadym Skibitsky.