Ukraine-Russia, Moscow: “Belgorod attack rejected”

Moscow announces it has repulsed an incursion. Meanwhile, the pro-Ukrainian formations show soldiers captured in Russian territory

Attack in the Belgorod region and Russia says it has repelled the incursion of Ukrainian saboteurs on its territory. The war seems to have entered a new phase, with an axis increasingly ‘encroaching’ into Russia. The Ministry of Defense, from Moscow, announces that “an attempt by a sabotage and reconnaissance group of Ukrainian terrorists to cross the river near the settlement of Novaya Tavolzhanka”. The action was taken over by units of the Western Military District and the FSB Border Service. However, the saboteurs, Moscow informs, “were hit by artillery, the enemy dispersed and withdrew”.

In the last 24 hours, pro-Ukrainian sabotage and reconnaissance units have managed to enter the region, especially in the village of Novaya Tavolzhanka as the governor of the Russian region, Vyacheslav Gladkov, denounced on Telegram. Novaya Tavolzhanka is one of the biggest villages in Shebekino district which was hit by shelling by Ukrainians.

Gladkov at first expressed readiness to meet with saboteurs to save the prisoners. The Legion for Freedom of Russia, one of the formations responsible for the offensive actions, has released a video with the explicit request for a meeting with the governor. The face-to-face, however, apparently did not go on stage. The Legion then released a new video, showing the prisoners – about ten in the film – and announcing their transfer to Ukraine.

Gladkov has asked residents of areas adjacent to the border with Ukraine to “temporarily” leave their homes and evacuate elsewhere “to be safe”. The measure concerns the district of Shebekino, in the Belgorod region. Already 4,000 people have been transferred to shelters within the region. “The night was turbulent. There was a lot of damage but there is no information on casualties.”

From Moscow, the Defense Ministry claims that it repulsed a raid: “An attempt by a sabotage and reconnaissance group of Ukrainian terrorists to cross the river near the settlement of Novaya Tavolzhanka,” was detected by units of the district western military and border service of the FSB. The saboteurs, however, informs Moscow, “were hit by artillery, the enemy dispersed and retreated.”


Russian sources in the Zaporizhzhia area report Ukrainian initiatives and “hostile activities”. Kiev forces would gain about 400 meters from the front line before being forced back. The growing tension is also highlighted by the reports of several pro-Russian bloggers on Telegram. No confirmation, however, from Kiev. The leaders of the Ukrainian armed forces have not disclosed any activity in the Zaporizhzhia area.