Ukraine-Russia, Moscow: “Di Maio? Strange idea of ​​diplomacy”

Thus the Russian Foreign Ministry has branded the statements of the head of the Farnesina on the no to bilateral without easing tensions

It’s a strange idea of ​​diplomacy“. The Russian Foreign Ministry thus branded the declarations of Luigi Di Maio during this morning’s report to the Senate on the crisis between Ukraine and Russia, during which, speaking of Mario Draghi’s possible mission to Moscow, he said that there can be no bilateral meetings with the Russian leaders until there is an easing of tension. Diplomacy, said the Foreign Ministry quoted by TASS, “was created to resolve conflict situations and alleviate tension, and not to empty trips around countries and tasting exotic dishes at gala receptions. Western partners must learn to use diplomacy in a professional way, “the statement read.

Solidarity reactions to the head of the Farnesina were immediate. “It doesn’t seem to me that Russia can give diplomacy lessons. Instead of offending Minister Luigi Di Maio, to whom my solidarity goes, stop definitively with useless provocations and with this aggressive attitude” he writes on Twitter Pina PiciernoVice-President of the European Parliament.

For the Undersecretary for Foreign Affairs and Secretary of Più Europa, Benedetto Della Vedova“the ramshackle attack by Russian diplomacy led by the expert Lavrov on Di Maio denotes the difficulty of those who feel overwhelmed by Putin’s solitary decisions. If Russia hoped to see a divided Europe and a hesitant Italy, it was disappointed. What Lavrov is guilty of is precisely the merit of the Government and Minister Di Maio, to whom this attack definitely honors ”.

“The words used by the Russian Foreign Ministry towards our Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio are certainly not representative of a diplomacy aimed at resolving conflict situations and alleviating tensions. Our Minister represents Italy and Italy deserves different tones. My complete and convinced solidarity goes to Di Maio, on behalf of the deputies of the Five Star Movement “he declares Davide Crippagroup leader of the M5S in the Chamber of Deputies.

“I express my solidarity with Minister Di Maio, who today was the object of utterances by the Russian Foreign Ministry which were absolutely inappropriate and out of place. To the owner of the Farnesina and to the government who, in the current extremely critical context, are working with spirit constructive and great balance, our thanks go “, says the leader of the 5 Star Movement in the Senate Mariolina Castellone.

“The remarks coming from the Russian Foreign Ministry in these hours against Minister Luigi Di Maio are unacceptable in tone and substance. Our solidarity goes to him” he writes on Twitter Lia QuartapelleHead of International Affairs and Europe in the Pd secretariat.