Ukraine-Russia, Moscow: “The Vatican’s peace initiative is positive”

The position of the Russian Foreign Ministry

Russia is aware of the initiative of the Pontiff of Rome, Pope Francis, to send a personality to Russia, as part of a peace initiative for Ukraine, and Moscow evaluates this attempt positively, explained the Foreign Ministry in Moscow, quoted by RIA Novosti. Up to now, however, the Vatican has not moved.


Pope Francis, in an interview with Telemundo, mentions the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Ukrainian President Zelenskyy says he doesn’t need intermediaries; he actually asks her to adhere to his peace formula, which requires Russia to return the conquered territories. Does he think Russia should do it for peace? “Well,” replied Bergoglio, “this was not the tone of the conversation. What I said, right? He asked me for a big favour: to get busy, to take care of the kids who were brought to Russia. Look, I’m asking. They don’t dream of mediations so much, because the Ukrainian bloc is really very strong. All of Europe, the United States. In other words, they have a very large force of their own. No? He was very saddened and asked for collaboration to try to get the boys back in Ukraine”. To achieve peace, does he think Russia should return those territories? “It’s a political problem. Peace will be achieved the day they can talk, either to each other or through others.”