Ukraine-Russia, Moscow’s strategy at the front: what happens

The British 007 report on raids and fighting in Kherson oblast

In the war between Ukraine and Russia,” throughout the first half of September 2023, continued heavy fighting around the islands of the lower Dnipro, in the Kherson oblast, which currently marks the front line. Both sides have launched raids with teams of small boats against the islands and against the opposite banks of the rivers”. British intelligence writes this on X.

“There is a realistic possibility that Russian operations in the area have been strengthened – adds the Ministry of Defense in London – since the sector came under the responsibility of the newly created 40th Army Corps. The number of forces involved is relatively small compared to other fronts; however, both sides consider the area to be strategically important. It also provides an opportunity to divert one’s opponent’s units from the intense fighting in the Zaporizhzhia and Donetsk regions.”