Ukraine-Russia, Orsini: “Here’s the news: Kiev has lost the war”

“I was subjected to a violent smear campaign for saying that Ukraine would lose the war”

“Do you know the news? Ukraine has lost the war.” It is the ‘sentence’ of Professor Alessandro Orsini who on Facebook issues his verdict – which appears definitive – on the conflict that Ukraine and Russia have been fighting for around 650 days. The professor of sociology of international terrorism has become, since February 2022, a polarizing figure in the debate on the war. His analyzes and observations, which have had wide resonance especially through Cartabianca on Raitre and now with It’s always Cartabianca on Rete4, have often been criticized. “I was the subject of a violent defamation campaign for having said that Ukraine would lose the war. Do you know the news? Ukraine has lost the war”, writes Orsini today.

The peremptory post follows the message published previously. “Ukraine is sinking. The Russians have surrounded Avdiivka on three sides and now the Ukrainians can only escape through the fields in the west which are full of mines. Where have all those who insulted me for my analyzes on Ukraine gone?” , he wrote.

Orsini also focuses on the debate relating to the hypothesis of Ukraine’s entry into NATO: “But which Ukraine? At least half of the Ukrainians identify with Russia and hate NATO. A non-corrupt system would say: ‘A part of Ukraine ‘, perhaps less than half, want to join NATO and the European Union.’ If it is not clear, then let it be known that at least half of the Ukrainian population hates Zelensky and the Kiev government with all its might, and would like to see both fall in the dust. The rhetoric of the Italian media about Ukraine wanting to join NATO is designed to create consensus around the criminal policies of the Western bloc that have led to the destruction of that country and the killing of hundreds of children. I say: ‘L ‘NATO expansion into Ukraine caused the massacre of hundreds of children'”.