Ukraine, Russia: “Peace negotiations should be conducted with the US”

Kiev: “Realistic negotiations only if Russia withdraws to the 1991 border”. Moscow accuses: “Wheat corridors used for drone attack”

The Kremlin argues that peace negotiations for the war in Ukraine should be conducted primarily with the United Stateswhich dictate the behavior of Kiev.

“Obviously, Washington has a casting vote. It is impossible to decide anything with Kiev,” said the Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, quoted by TASS, following the Russian narrative of delegitimization of the Ukrainian government, described as succubus and maneuvered by Washington.

“Kiev has a president, a legitimate president, Zelensky, and it is theoretically possible to reach a political agreement with him. But, bearing in mind the experience of March, these agreements mean nothing, because they can be canceled by an external order. So,” we need to talk to someone else, their motivator, their patron “, Peskov said, underlining that Russia” will continue to defend its interests “.

For Kiev “the only realistic peace proposal is for Russia to immediately end the war in Ukraine and withdraw beyond the 1991 borders“The spokesman of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, Oleh Nikolenko, wrote on Facebook after the head of Russian diplomacy, Sergei Lavrov, declared today that Russia is always ready to negotiate with Ukraine.

According to Nikolenko, relaunched by Ukrainska Pravda, whoever wants to negotiate does not destroy the energy infrastructure of the invaded country, does not bomb civilian areas, does not carry out mass executions of civilians, does not announce military mobilizations and does not block the export of grain. With the borders of 1991 we mean those at the time of the independence of Ukraine, including Crimea.

GRAIN BLOCK – The Russian blockade of the agreement on the grain corridors in the Black Sea makes the export of Ukrainian cereals “impossible”, the Ukrainian Minister of Infrastructure, Oleksandr Kubrakov denounced on Twitter, showing images of the agency’s Ikaria Angel ship UN of the WFP, “which was to leave Ukraine today with 40 tons of wheat”. The cargo, he specified, “was directed to the Ethiopians, who are on the verge of famine”.

Kiev stresses that the Russian decision to indefinitely suspend the wheat agreement has blocked 218 ships in the Black Sea. 218 ships blocked in their positions “, explained on Facebook the Ministry of Infrastructure of Kiev, relaunched by Ukrinform.

Of these ships, it is explained, 95 are loaded, have left Ukrainian ports and are awaiting inspections to proceed. Another 101 empty ships await inspections to return to Ukrainian ports, while 22 loaded ships await departure from Ukrainian ports.

THE MOSCOW ACCUSATION – The Russian Defense Ministry accuses Kiev of using “grain corridors”and perhaps even a ship for the transport of food products, for the drone attack on the Black Sea fleet base in Sevastopol. This was reported by TASS, after Moscow yesterday suspended the agreement on the export of Ukrainian wheat to the Black Sea as a response to the attack.

“It was determined that aerial drones were launched from the coast near Odessa. The maritime drones navigated the safe zone of the grain corridor and then changed the route to the Russian naval base in Sevastopol,” the ministry says, after announcing that they had recovered fragments of the maritime drones. The movement coordinates of one of these drones “indicate a launch point in the waters of the safety zone of the grain corridor in the Black Sea,” the ministry said. The Russian defense claims that the maritime drones are Canadian-made and that one of them may have been launched by a civilian vessel to transport agricultural products from Ukrainian ports.

“According to specialists” the launch point from the grain corridor “could mean that the vehicle was launched from a civilian ship used by Kiev and its Western sponsors to export agricultural products from Ukrainian ports”, speculates the Russian ministry, without offering evidence. about.

TURKEY – The Turkish Minister of Defense is engaged in talks with Russia and Ukraine to restart the agreement on safe grain corridors in the Black Sea, blocked yesterday by Moscow. “Our Defense Minister, Hulusi Akar, continues the talks and coordination with the counterparts. Talks are also underway between the agencies involved”, reported the Turkish Defense Ministry, quoted by the Russian news agency Tass.