Ukraine-Russia, Pedicini launches anti-war song: “Let me stay” – Video

The song was written, arranged and interpreted by the MEP, who conceived the video, made by Vincenzo Greco

The Verdi/Ale MEP Piernicola Pedicini made and released a music video with the song “Famme restà”, written and sung by him, against the war. “A war – says Pedicini – has neither winners nor losers, but only victims: dead men at the front, murdered innocents, raped women, orphaned children, families forced to flee, leaving behind rubble and devastation, with testimonies of history, art and architecture erased forever. And misery, famine, distorted economies, where the usual speculators will win, with the complicity of those who flaunt peace resolutions, but who under the table fuel the conflicts. A war that will not end as long as a Europe, never so tragically united in its history, instead of becoming a peace broker, will continue to be an accomplice to death and destruction, sending ever more powerful, ever more lethal weapons”.

The piece was written, arranged and interpreted by Pedicini, who conceived the video, made by Vincenzo Greco. “With this song – continues Pedicini – I wanted to tell the war from the eyes of those who suffer it, uniting my voice with those, unheard to date, of those who call for a ceasefire and an end to the arms race. I wanted to turn the spotlight on the other side of the war, that of those who are forced to leave without the certainty of a return, while all of Europe looks the other way. A Europe concerned with fattening the war industry, with the result of impoverishing entire territories, starting with the South of Italy, with the policy of sanctions, which proved to be bankruptcy. ‘Famme Restà’ is a hymn to reflection, a contribution to the unheard appeals, to the words that have not made inroads from Pope Francis, to the demonstrations and pacifist marches. Since the first day of the conflict in Ukraine, I have been the only Italian MEP to raise my voice and consistently vote against the warlike policy. Now I want to denounce all this with music, as I have been doing for years denouncing the injustices suffered by the peoples of the South throughout Southern Italy”.

For over two years Piernicola Pedicini, with the band “La Brigata fra’ Diavolo”, has been narrating Southern Italy in music and words, declining it in the different dialects of the southern regions, during tours that have touched small villages and large cities of the South. ‘Famme restà’ is just one of the tracks from an album, entitled ‘Global Radio’, to be released by next spring. “A collection of pieces – concludes Pedicini – on seemingly unrelated themes, but all united by the same common thread. A sort of radio zapping on what is happening in the world”.