Ukraine, Russia predicts 100,000 soldiers killed by spring

The news released by independent media based on information from the Russian services of the FSB and the General Staff in Moscow

The Kremlin plans to stabilize the front in Ukraine during the winter and then restart the offensive in the spring, knowing that this will involve large losses among Russian soldiers, which could reach 100,000 dead. This is what the independent site iStories writes, quoting a source from the Russian FSB services and another from the general staff in Moscow, in a news item relaunched by Meduza.

“By the spring of next year, the number of dead and wounded soldiers could be around 100 thousand. But this does not scare anyone: they can be replaced by conscripts of compulsory military service”, reports the FSB source. The same estimate of 100,000 Russian dead and wounded is cited by the source of the general staff, according to which the fallen will mainly be among the ranks of those who were mobilized in September. By spring 2023, the Defense Ministry intends to prepare 120,000 conscripts to be sent to Ukraine, compensating for the losses among those who have been mobilised. It is for this reason, notes the source, that Putin has not formally revoked the mobilization decree.