Ukraine-Russia, Prigozhin: “Kiev will attack on May 15”

According to the ‘commander’ of Wagner’s mercenaries, the Ukrainian forces are ready for action

The ‘commander’ of the Wagner mercenaries Evgheny Prigozhin anticipates the start of the Ukrainian counter-offensive for May 15th. In a video interview with Semyon Pegov, Prigozhin assured that the Ukrainian forces are ready for the action which has so far been blocked by bad weather and, he added, perhaps by some internal problems to be solved. “Maybe they will give us a break for May 9 (the anniversary of the Victory of the Soviet Union over Nazi Germany, ed) but by the 15th the offensive will certainly begin”.

Defense Minister Oleksii Resnikov said yesterday that preparations for Ukraine’s long-announced spring offensive were nearing completion. “In general terms, we are already ready in a large percentage,” Resnikov said at a news conference in the capital. According to Resnikov, only a few elements are missing to launch the offensive. “The technology itself has been announced, prepared and partly delivered,” the minister said.

For his part, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba warned against considering Kiev’s expected counter-offensive as a “decisive battle” that will put an end to the war. “The counteroffensive should not be regarded as a decisive battle. The decisive battle will be the one that will lead to the complete liberation of the Ukrainian territories. We will be able to draw this conclusion at the end, not at the beginning of the battle,” said Kuleba, quoted by Interfax-Ukraine , after other government officials urged not to exaggerate expectations.

“If only one counter-offensive is needed, then it will be one, if two or more are needed, so it will be. It is not a conflict that we can freeze”, said Kuleba, stressing that Ukraine will fight until victory.