Ukraine-Russia, Putin speech: from the Pope to world leaders, the reactions

EU spokesperson: “A sign of despair”. Berlin: “Another bad move by Putin”

Russian President Vladimir Putin threatens the West. The partial mobilization of Russia is starting today, was the announcement in the speech on TV, underlining that “the decree has already been signed”. It is “necessary to protect our territory, our country and our people. The West wants to destroy us,” said the Kremlin leader.

As for the attack on Ukraine, “the main objectives of the special operation remain unchanged”, an operation that “was necessary to fight the Nazis and liberate the Donbass, now almost completely liberated”. Putin then reiterated his “support for the peoples” of the four regions that should hold a referendum for annexation to Moscow: “Russia will do everything to ensure that the referendums are held”.

Here are the reactions to Putin’s speech


Russian President Vladimir Putin “is not interested in peace, he is only interested in escalating his war of aggression” against Ukraine. This morning’s speech, in which he announces a partial mobilization of the Russian population, “is another sign of desperation for how the war in Ukraine is going,” European Commission spokesman for Foreign Affairs Peter Stano said during the briefing with the press in Brussels.

“This – he added – is also a clear signal to the international community, especially in the crucial week of the United Nations General Assembly in New York, which is only interested in continuing its destructive war, which has already had so many negative consequences in the world. Not only for Ukraine, but for every country in the world because of the food and energy crisis. It is showing the world that it does not want to contribute to the solution of the crisis, but that it wants to deepen the crisis and continue in this war”.


“Returning to the promise not to mobilize part of the population and the illegal annexation of part of Ukraine are an admission of the failure of its invasion”. Thus the British Defense Minister, Ben Wallace, commented on the words of the Russian President, Vladimir Putin. “He and his defense minister have sent tens of thousands of their fellow citizens to death, badly equipped and badly commanded. In no way can threats and propaganda hide the fact that Ukraine is winning the war, that the international community is united. and that Russia is becoming a global pariah. “


Robert Habeck responds with harsh criticism to the words of Vladimir Putin: “another wrong and negative step by Russia, on which of course we will consult politically, to understand how to respond,” said the German vice-chancellor and minister of the economy.

“Putin will give up his war and his imperialist ambitions only if he realizes that he cannot win.” German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said, speaking at the United Nations General Assembly in New York. Putin – he added – “is not only destroying Ukraine, but he is ruining his own country”.

The chancellor then made it clear that no “imposed peace” would be accepted and that Ukraine will have to be further armed to repel the Russian invasion. “We support Ukraine with all our strength: financially, economically, with humanitarian assistance and also with weapons”.

Shortly before the chancellor left Germany for New York, the Berlin government had promised further arms deliveries to Kiev, including four more self-propelled howitzers. Russia’s actions in Ukraine were not only a disaster for Europe, but also for global order and world peace, Scholz later stressed in New York: “This is why it was so important that 141 states unequivocally condemn the Russian invasion here in this room, “he noted, referring to the UN Assembly vote in March after the Russian attack.


The Pope once again denounced the “tragic war”, strongly reiterating the no to nuclear weapons. It happened at the general audience dedicated to the trip to Kazakhstan which has just ended. “I would like to point out the terrible situation of the tormented Ukraine”, he said, returning to denounce the “monstrosities” of the war in Ukraine.


“So far, Russia has not shown that it wants to end the conflict: the referendums for independence in the Donbass are a further violation of international law that we strongly condemn”. Thus Prime Minister Mario Draghi in a passage of his speech at the United Nations General Assembly, at the UN Headquarters in New York. “However – the Prime Minister pointed out – Italy remains at the forefront to try to reach an agreement, when it is possible. We have done this in the past, when we highlighted how the blockade of the Black Sea ports constituted a risk for global food security ”.

Di Maio

Putin’s words are “worrying” because “they show that he does not want to stop” but “they represent a great sign of weakness. I fear that they are going to impact on the price of gas, energy and the economy,” he said. Luigi Di Maio, leader of Civic Commitment, live on Corriere TV. In Italy “in recent months there have been those who flirted with Putin” and “I can’t accept him”, the foreign minister remarked.

With you

“I believe that no person of common sense, no general who is involved in this military affair can rule out this risk.” Thus the president of the 5 Star Movement Giuseppe Conte, responding in Naples to a question on nuclear risk. “Who can guarantee that we are not also running this risk? I do not want to make alarmist considerations but I say: who can guarantee us that the escalation does not also affect the conflict on the nuclear level or on other weapons, obviously unconventional?”, He added. With you.


“This move shows Russia’s difficulties, also because the sanctions work. Salvini says something else, which I agree with, compensation is needed”. So Giorgia Meloni to Rtl 102.5, about Putin’s latest speech.


“I believe that Italy should not in the least give in to Putin’s blackmail”. Thus the secretary of the Democratic Party, Enrico Letta, commented on the sidelines of a press conference in Milan on this morning’s speech by the Russian president. “I believe – added Letta – that Italy and Europe must be firm in maintaining the rules of international coexistence, which cannot be changed with the use of force and tanks”.

“We – said the dem secretary – are so that Italy is absolutely firm together with Europe in rejecting the very serious blackmail by Putin. This firmness is necessary. And our firmness”.


“I have always said that war changes perspective. Everyone until the outbreak of war, from Prodi to Berlusconi, to Renzi, to Letta, everyone reasoned, collaborated, traded with Russia, then when you attack a people, when you start a war, it’s clear that the perspective changes “. This was stated by Lega leader Matteo Salvini on a visit to Turin.