Ukraine-Russia, Putin: “The West fuels the war”

“He is playing a dangerous and deadly game”

The West is fueling the war in Ukraine, increasing the provocations around Taiwan, destabilizing the global food and financial markets. ” Russian President Vladimir Putin launched an all-out attack on the West in his annual speech to the Valdai Discussion Club, a Moscow-based think tank. A West “blinded by colonialism” as described by Putin, according to which the international community “should think more and not simply blame the Kremlin”. “The West imposes sanctions against those who do not want to be under their control”, Putin continued, adding that “Russia does not seek hegemony. Russia does not challenge the West, it only seeks to reserve the right to develop. ”

What the world is facing it is the most dangerous decade since the Second World War. A “crucial” and “dangerous” decade, said Putin, stating that “the domination of the West, which is disunited, is coming to an end”. “There is no unity in the West,” adds Putin, accusing him of conduct “ a dangerous, dirty and deadly game ”. In recent months, he added, by Western countries ” several steps have been taken towards escalation ”.

“Sooner or later, the new center of the multipolar world will no longer be the West which will have to speak equally with us”, said the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, stating that “the West is a complex conglomerate” and not c ‘there is no union between countries. “And still pointing the finger at the West, he said that it is” imposing its own values, consumption models, trying to standardize these models “in the world.” We cannot ignore it. The crisis now has a global character, it affects everyone. We have two paths in front of us: either to continue to accumulate problems or to seek together a solution, not ideal, but one that works, to make the world more stable and safer “, he stresses.

” The expansion of NATO is unacceptable ”, attacks Putin, accusing the Atlantic Alliance of having ” begun to take control of Ukrainian territories long ago ”. And it is precisely to stop this expansion, Putin said, that Russia on February 24 “had no choice but to start a special operation”. And he cites ” the 2014 coup in Ukraine ” which ” led to today’s tragic events ”.

He is also angry with the United States which, says Putin, uses the dollar as a weapon. And, in doing so, they have discredited the international financial system.