Ukraine, Russia raid on Bakhmut. Zelensky: “No negotiations with Putin”

5 civilians killed, several buildings damaged. Ukrainian president: “I don’t trust him”

Latest news on the Ukraine-Russia war. Five civilians died in Russian air raids on Bakhmut, while nine people were injured. According to local officials, the victims are three men and a woman aged between 32 and 66 years. The Donetsk prosecutor’s office added that several buildings were also damaged in the airstrike. Ukrainian Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk has asked civilians still in Bakhmut to leave the city immediately.


There can be no peace agreement between Ukraine and Russia involving the cession of Ukrainian territories. Thus the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky during an interview with the BBC, underlining that “any territorial compromise would make us weaker as a state”. Zelensky said that ”it’s not about compromises. Why should we fear them? There are a million compromises in life. The question is with whom? Compromises with Putin? No. Because there is no trust”.

The Russian armed forces ”are already attacking us from different directions”, which means that the feared Russian offensive has already begun on the ground, the Ukrainian president underlined, saying he hoped that Belarus ”does not join the war ”. But, Zelensky said, “if it happens, we will fight and survive.”


US President Joe Biden will give a speech in the gardens of the Royal Castle in Warsaw, Poland, on February 21, three days after the start of Russia’s war in Ukraine. The speech is scheduled for 5.30pm. Russian President Vladimir Putin will also give a speech on the same day.