Ukraine, Russia ready for war until 2025

Moscow aims to achieve “the objectives set in the special operation”. Zelensky: “Sanctions against Russia are not enough, we will take care of it”

Russia is preparing to fight the war in Ukraine until 2025, at least. This is the objective that the Minister of Defense, Sergei Shoigu, sets in a detailed speech in the council meeting with the country’s military leaders. “We continue to increase the combat power of the armed forces, including through the provision of modern weapons and improving the training of troops, taking into account the experience of a special military operation,” Shoigu says.

“The consistent implementation of the activity plan until 2025 will allow us to achieve the set goals,” says the minister, adding that the troops of the Southern Military District (SMD) will receive five thousand units of modern military equipment this year. “More than 170 organizational measures will be implemented in the Southern Military District this yearthe troops will receive five thousand and five hundred units of modern weapons and equipment, and the commissioning of more than five hundred infrastructures will be completed.”

Shoigu highlights that “since the beginning of the year, the number of officers in the district has increased by 11 thousand people and the contracted military personnel by 30 thousand units”. According to the minister, in the Southern Military District “the combat training system is being improved, the camps are being modernized and new materials and technical means are being introduced.”

Zelensky: “Sanctions against Russia are not enough”

Russia’s firepower is also a priority for the Ukrainian president. Volodymyr Zelensky says that an analysis of the situation in the Russian military industry shows that pressure on Moscow should be increased.

“There was also a separate meeting with the Ministry of Strategy and Industry in Stavka – says the head of the Ukrainian state – I saw an intelligence report on the situation in the Russian military industry. We can clearly see which areas of pressure on Russia should be strengthened so that terrorist possibilities do not increase. Sanctions are not enough. There will be more. There will also be other actions of ours, Ukrainians, against the terrorist state. As long as Russia’s aggression continues, Russia’s losses should also be felt.”

Moscow-Kiev, news war on Admiral Sokolov

On the Moscow-Kiev axis, space for news on Admiral Viktro Sokolov. According to Kiev, the commander of the Russian Black Sea fleet died in the raid carried out in recent days on the headquarters in Sevastopol. In the last few hours, however, Sokolov appeared via video link in the meeting chaired by Shoigu.

The images bounced online have obviously fueled doubts and questions. “We will check”, the position of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry. Meanwhile, the video is dissected in search of elements that can provide useful information. Solokov’s face is still during the connection, the admiral practically never moves.