Ukraine, “Russia recruits women to send to war”

According to media reports, Moscow is looking for female snipers and drone operators for a mercenary unit under the command of the Defense Ministry

Russia reportedly began recruiting women to send to the war in Ukraine. This was revealed by the portal Important Stories (histories), which defines itself as one of the few sources of independent investigative journalism in Russia, according to which women snipers and drone operators would be recruited for a mercenary unit under the command of the Ministry of Defense.

In the article entitled ‘Created not just for the kitchen and children’ it is argued that the women are offered a six-month contract with a monthly salary of 220 thousand rubles, approximately 2,300 euroswith a bonus, in the case of injury on the field, between one and 3 million rubles and in the case of death, for the heirs, of 5 million.

The recruitment ‘advertisement’ appeared on the Russian social media site Vkontakte. One of the recruiters told istories that they are looking for women who are already trained in the use of weapons, while those who are not will undergo a month’s training.

According to the Ukrainian media Ukrianska Pravda, the private military company ‘Redut’, controlled by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, announced the recruitment for combat specialties in the ‘Borz’ battalion. If the candidates do not have the skills to handle weapons, they are promised that they will be trained in temporarily occupied Donetsk.”