Ukraine-Russia, Stoltenberg: “Weapons in Kiev are away for peace”

NATO secretary general: ‘What Ukraine achieves in negotiations will depend on its strength in war’

“Weapons are the way to peace.” The “fastest path” to a negotiated peace settlement between Russia and Ukraine is to continue backing Kiev with arms to bolster its strength on the battlefield and its position at a potential negotiating table with Moscow. This was stated by the NATO secretary general, Jens Stoltenberg, speaking at the ‘Folk och Forsvar’ security conference in the Swedish city of Salen.

“Most wars end at the negotiating table” and “this one will probably end this way too,” continued Stoltenberg, according to whom “what the Ukrainians get at the negotiating table will depend on their strength on the battlefield. If you want a negotiated peace solution in which Ukraine survives as an independent democratic country in Europe, the quickest way is to support Ukraine. Arms are indeed the way to peace.”

The secretary general of the Alliance then warned that a Russian victory would be “a tragedy for the Ukrainians” but “also dangerous for us” because it “sends a message to Putin and other authoritarian leaders that if they use military force they can achieve what they want”.