Ukraine, Russia: “There will be negotiations, times depend on the US and Europe”

Senator Tsekov: “They will be very complicated.” Kuleba: “After the liberation of Kherson the war continues”

THE negotiations between Russia and Ukraine “will eventually happen”, but their timing will depend on the position of Ukraine’s “partners”, i.e. the United States and European countries. This was stated to the Tass agency by Sergei Tsekov, a member of the International Affairs Committee of the Council of the Russian Federation.

“The negotiations (between Russia and Ukraine, ed) will eventually happen, but they will be very difficult, very complicated”, said the senator, who called Kiev’s request for the return of the lost territories and for compensation to be “unacceptable”. “We must remember how the special military operation began. The themes of demilitarization and denazification have not been removed,” he stressed, adding that Moscow will not accept the existence of a “Nazi state” on its borders.


“We are winning battles on the ground. But the war continues” after the liberation of Kherson. Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kouleba told reporters following an interview with Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

“I understand that everyone wants this war to end as soon as possible. Of course we are the ones who want it more than anyone else,” continued the head of diplomacy in Kiev. “But as long as the war continues and we see Russia mobilize more conscripts and send more weapons to Ukraine, we will obviously continue to count on your continued support,” he noted.


“It seems that the Ukrainians have achieved an extraordinary victory: the only regional capital that Russia conquered in this war is now back under the Ukrainian flag and this is truly remarkable,” the national security adviser of the United States told reporters. United States, Jake Sullivan, who will accompany the president, Joe Biden, to the Asean summit in Cambodia.