Ukraine-Russia, USA send another 500 soldiers to Europe

US confirm: “Russia is recruiting in Syria”

There Russia “is trying to recruit Syrians” to fight in Ukraine. This was confirmed by an authoritative source from the Pentagon, in a briefing with reporters, after the Wall Street Journal had anticipated the news in its edition today. It is not clear, however, if the ‘foreign fighters’ are already in the theater of war, she specified.

The The United States sends another 500 troops to Europe, Poland, Romania, Germany and Greece, a senior Pentagon official said. Among their duties, that of supporting the efforts of protect NATO airspace.

Sources in the Pentagon have announced that Russia has committed “almost 100%” of the fighting forces it had deployed in recent months on the Ukrainian border and in Belarus. The sources add that Russia has so far launched more than 625 missiles, according to CNN.

US military sources also state that the Russians do not yet have dominion over the sky, with Ukraine continuing to have “the majority of its aircraft” available as well as surface-to-air missiles to defend its airspace.