Ukraine, “Russia uses tactics similar to ISIS”

This was stated by the representative of the US State Department in charge of European affairs. Zelensky: “Mine forms of Russian terror, we will have them for years”

The US State Department said more than 160 kilometers of Ukrainian territory should be checked for the presence of mines. According to the representative of the US State Department in charge of European affairs Michael Tierrethe Russians in Ukraine are using the same tactics as the ISIS terrorists in Syria and Iraq: “We know from Ukrainian officials working on the ground – he said during the briefing of the Helsinki Commission of the US Congress – that Russian soldiers are intentionally looting civilians’ homes, including children’s toys, and even slain bodies.The Russian military’s horrific use of explosive devices is reminiscent of the tactics of ISIS militants in Iraq and Syria, where terrorists have sought to kill as many civilians as possible so that people would be afraid to go back to their homes.”

According to Tierre, demining in Ukraine is the biggest challenge for sappers since World War II. Currently, there are not enough demining teams in Ukraine, so the United States plans to increase assistance with training deminers and providing additional equipment. The US State Department has allocated $91.5 million to help Ukraine with demining. The funds are directed towards training, providing equipment for demining operations, as well as ensuring the work of demining teams, the Helsinki Commission said in a statement.

The mines, he later accused in a video message Volodymyr Zelensky, they are the “Russian terror we will have for years”. The Ukrainian president said that “this form of terror will have to be countered in the years to come. Terrorists are deliberately trying to leave behind as many death traps as possible. Buried mines, stretchers, mined buildings, machines and infrastructure”.

“We are talking about over 170,000 square kilometers of dangerous territory – Zelensky specified -. I am sure, this will be among the points of indictment against Russia for the aggression: a type of terror that is even harsher and nastier than missiles, because there is no an anti-mine system that can destroy at least part of the threat, as our air defense does”.