Ukraine-Russia war, Biden: “It won’t last years, Putin has already lost”

The American president: “The Russians will have resource problems and will decide that it is not in their interest to continue”

“Putin has already lost. I don’t think the war in Ukraine can go on for years”. They are the words of Joe Biden, president of the United States, at the press conference in Helsinki, Finland. Biden expresses himself categorically for 2 reasons. “First, I don’t think the Russians can sustain a war forever, they don’t have the resources or capabilities – he said -. Second, there will be circumstances that could push Vladimir Putin to decide that it is not in Russia’s interest to continue”.

“I can’t predict when that will happen,” he added, emphasizing that it will be the Ukrainian counter-offensive is crucial. The certain thing, the American president said again, is that “Putin has already lost the war, his problem is how to proceed from here, what he will decide, but he has already lost the war”.

“We will defend every inch of NATO territory, including Finland,” he said alongside Finnish President Sauli Niinisto, praising the Scandinavian country’s entry as the 31st member of the Atlantic Alliance. “Soon we will say goodbye to the 32nd member, thanks to the agreement with Turkey”, he added referring to Sweden.

“Finland is an incredible resource for NATO”, observed Biden, underlining how the Helsinki accession process was the “fastest in modern history” and recalling that it took him just “three seconds to say yes after informed that he wanted to join NATO”. “I don’t think NATO has ever been so strong, we are united by the democratic values ​​we share”, said the American president.

There Finland, which shares about 1,300 kilometers of border with Russia, became the 31st member of the Atlantic Alliance last April 4, following ratification by Turkey. It was the concern caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 that prompted Helsinki to put an end to its historic policy of non-alignment and opt for NATO membership.