Ukraine-Russia war, cover of ‘Bella ciao’ becomes resistance anthem – Video

Adapted to the ongoing conflict, the Ukrainian version of partisan chant was performed by folk singer Khrystyna Soloviy

The notes of “Bella ciao” have become the anthem of the Ukrainian resistance. The popular Ukrainian folk singer, Khrystyna Soloviy, has readapted partisan singing to the context of the current war with Russia, dedicating it – she explains on social media – “to all the armed forces, to our heroes and to all those who are currently fighting for the own land “

The new version, entitled “The Ukrainian Wrath”, at the first verse reads: “One more morning at dawn / The earth shook and our blood began to boil / The rockets from the sky, the columns of the tanks / And old Dnipro screamed. ” The angelic voice of the young Soloviy, accompanied by Olexii Morosov’s guitar, sings again: “Nobody thought about it, nobody knew / What the Ukrainian wrath was / We will kill the accursed executioners without mercy / Those who are invading our land”.

“In Territorial Defense there are better guys / In our armed forces they fight real heroes / And the javelins and the bayraktar / They kill the Russians for Ukraine / And our people, the Ukrainians / They have already united the whole world against the Russians / And very soon we will defeat them / And there will be peace all over the Earth “, concludes the new version of” Bella ciao “.

Khrystyna Soloviy has published a video of her interpretation, which on YouTube in 24 hours has already obtained over 66 thousand views. The Italian partisan song had already been compared to the Ukrainian conflict in recent days: 48 hours after the Russian invasion, the former première dame Carla Bruni had published a cover of her on social media. And in the following days “Bella ciao” often resounded in the Italian anti-war processions.