Ukraine Russia war, today’s news. Xi-Zelensky phone call: one-time dialogue via LIVE exit


‘Dialogue and negotiation are the only viable way out – says the Chinese president -. In a nuclear war there are no winners. Beijing will send a representative to Ukraine to work on ‘a political solution to the crisis’. For the Ukrainian president it was a ‘long and significant’ phone call. The US reactions are positive. But for Moscow ‘Kiev refuses any sane initiative to resolve the conflict’. Republican envoy Corrado Zunino injured by a drone attack in Kherson, his interpreter killed. Russian missiles on Mykolaiv, one dead and 23 wounded. According to the German newspaper, Kiev would have attempted to kill Putin with a drone.


  • Attack in St. Petersburg, who was the blogger killed
  • Why Moscow invaded Ukraine, from historical reasons to tensions with NATO
  • Because Italy can’t send tanks to Kiev
  • Zelensky’s story from former comedian to wartime president. PHOTO
  • Tactical nuclear weapons: what they are

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07:35 – Kiev, the death toll from the attack on Mykolaiv rises to 23 wounded

The death toll from last night’s Russian missile attack on the city of Mykolaiv in southern Ukraine has risen to 23 wounded, including a child, the Southern Operational Command announced on Facebook, as reported by Ukrinform. The Kiev army also confirmed that one person was also killed in the attack. “Enemy attacked Mykolaiv with Kalibr-type missiles from the Black Sea last night. Four missiles were fired… As these are high-precision coordinate-based weapons, this is an obvious terrorist act against civilians,” reads the report. One house was destroyed in the attack, another was damaged, and an apartment building and historic building sustained heavy damage. “At present, one person has been reported killed and 23 injured, including a child,” the Command added.

07:17 – Meloni: “Kiev’s future is European and peaceful”

About 600 Italian and 150 Ukrainian companies gathered at the Palazzo dei Congressi for the conference on reconstruction. Tajani: “We are on the front line”. Zelensky via video link: “Italy supports us for freedom and security”. READ THE ARTICLE

07:12 – One killed and 15 injured in Russian attack on Mykolaiv

One dead and 15 injured. This is the balance of the latest Russian attack on Mykolaiv according to reports Kiev independent. The oblast where the city is located was allegedly hit with four S-300 air defense missiles, according to local authorities. At least one of these missiles hit a multi-story residential building, while another targeted a private residence.

06:50 Bild: Kiev tried to kill Putin with a drone

Last Sunday the Ukrainian secret services allegedly attempted to kill Vladimir Putin with an explosive drone. Although the ambush failed, the attempt was reportedly kept secret by the Russian authorities. The German Bild writes it. (READ HERE)

06:45 Kuleba on Sky TG24: “Very important Xi-Zelensky phone call”

China can play an important role” in the resolution of the conflict, said the foreign minister of Kiev, who reiterated: “We would welcome Pope Francis with open arms. Our invitation is still valid, he can come when he wants ”. THE INTERVIEW

06:30 Zelensky: 2,279 people released from Russian captivity

Since the start of the Russian invasion, a total of 2,279 Ukrainian prisoners have been rescued and returned to their homes. This was stated, according to what the Kiev Independent portal writes on social media, by President Volodymyr Zelensky in a video speech