Ukraine-Russia war, Tosi: “Zelensky’s fault, it won’t rain” – Video

“He’s the one who went over there with the tanks”

“The war is Zelensky’s fault, because he’s the one who went to the other side with the tanks, there’s no rain on this”. Speaking, guest of Un Giorno da Pecora, on Rai Radio1, is the Forza Italia deputy and former mayor of Verona Flavio Tosi, interviewed by Geppi Cucciari and Giorgio Lauro. Honorable – the conductors pointed out – but it is Vladimir Putin who has invaded the country. “There is no doubt about this. But if there had been Poroshenko or a political president perhaps we would not have reached this point”. Was Putin provoked in your opinion? “No. But there are diplomacies, services and a whole series of structures to avoid reaching that consequence. When your leader is a comedian, perhaps certain schemes jump, Zelensky is not capable of governing because he was a comedian – said Tosi – is not able to manage the situation due to lack of competence”.

He thinks similarly to Berlusconi about Ukraine. “I fully agree with what Berlusconi said. Zelensky before becoming president, the day before, was a comedian. And perhaps he could have worked as a comedian in the Mediaset networks instead of being prime minister. It is a fact that if there had been a different president – Tosi told Rai Radio1 – probably there would not have been war”. But Zelensky was democratically elected. “And what does it mean? In Italy the grillini were also voted and then they bitterly regretted it”. What solutions do you see for the Ukrainian conflict? “The war ends if Zelensky agrees to sit down with Putin or vice versa. We need to sit down at a table to reach peace, as Berlusconi said, this is not our war, it is the conflict between the Americans and the Chinese”.