Ukraine, Russia: We are not looking for a government change in Kiev”

Peskov: “We are trying to achieve our goals which ‘can be achieved in different ways’

“The change of the current government in Ukraine is not the goal of the special military operation led by Russia, President Vladimir Putin said.” Thus the spokesman of the Kremlin Dmitry Peskovunderlining that “Russia is trying to achieve its goals in the ongoing special military operation”, which “can be achieved in different ways”.

Peskov commented on the words of Ukrainian President Zelensky, according to whom Moscow allegedly does not seek negotiations with Kiev, but wants to reach a short-term “pause” in hostilities. “Russia wants to achieve its goals and will achieve them,” the Kremlin spokesman replied.

Peskov also says that Russia will “autonomously” track down and punish the executioners of the ten Ukrainian prisoners of war, a partial video of which has been circulating for several days. And he assured that “Russia will do everything possible within the framework of international mechanisms to bring attention to this crime and bring those involved to justice”.