Ukraine, Russian ambassador to the US: “Washington doesn’t want to end the war”

Anatoly Antonov’s accusation: “No one should leave any doubts about who is responsible for the prolongation of the recent conflict”

The Russian ambassador to the United States, Anatoly Antonov, accused Washington of not wanting to end the war in Ukraine, started by Moscow more than 10 months ago, following the American announcement to supply Kiev with armored personnel carriers. All recent US actions directly show that Washington does not want a political solution in Ukraine, Antonov said yesterday, according to Russian news agency Tass. “No one should leave anyone in doubt as to who is responsible for the continuation of the recent conflict,” Antonov added.

The comments come after the United States and Germany announced they will supply Ukraine with armored personnel carriers, the first Western-designed infantry fighting vehicles Kiev will receive. The announcement follows a French decision earlier this week to supply reconnaissance vehicles described as “light tanks”. Antonov said the weapons delivered to Kiev lack “defensive nature” as claimed by Western countries. The US decision to supply the Bradley infantry fighting vehicles was confirmation “that the United States would not heed repeated calls from the Russian side to consider the possible implications of such a dangerous course by Washington,” he said the ambassador.