Ukraine, Russian bombing of Dnipro: 9 injured

Hit an apartment building. Also targeted was the service building in Kiev, which has long been in disuse

Nine people were injured in a Russian shelling that hit an apartment building in Dnipro in eastern Ukraine last night. This was reported by Serhii Lysak, head of the military administration of the Dnipropetrovsk oblast, specifying that among them there are two minors aged 14 and 17, two girls aged 20, a woman aged 77 and men aged between 18 and 35 . None of them are serious. Ukrainska Pravda reports that the condominium was sparsely inhabited and that a nearby building of the Ukrainian intelligence services of the SSU was also hit, but it had been abandoned for some time.


“There has been a slight increase in fighting in two sectors of southern Ukraine in the last 48 hours,” British intelligence said on Twitter. According to the bulletin, the Ukrainians liberated the village of Staromaiorske.

“South of Orikhiv, fighting is concentrated near the village of Robotyne, in the area covered by the Russian 58th Combined Arms Army. Eighty kilometers to the east, Ukrainian forces have defeated elements of the Russian Airborne Forces (VDV) of the 247th Regiment of Guards Air Assault, capturing the village of Staromaiorske. Meanwhile, to the north, other VDV units continue offensive operations in the Serebriansk forest west of Kremina but have captured little ground”.