Ukraine, Russian bombing of Kherson: at least 8 dead

About 60 wounded. Zelensky: “We are fighting absolute evil”

And of at least 8 dead the toll of a Russian bombing in the center of Kherson. This was announced by the Attorney General’s Office of the region of the same name on Telegram. According to the local governor, Yaroslav Yanushevich, 58 people were injured in the shelling. “The world has to see that what we are fighting against is absolute evil“, declared the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky, posting some images of the attack on Twitter. “It is terrorism, they are killings for the sake of intimidation”, commented Zelensky.

While the Ukrainian presidential adviser, Mykhailo Podolyak, writes: “I remind those who propose to consider the Putin/Lavrov ‘peace’ initiatives: right now Russia is ‘negotiating’, killing Kherson residents, wiping out Bakhmut, destroying the power grids in Kiev/Odessa, torturing civilians in Melitopol… Russia wants to kill with impunity. Shall we let them?”

Meanwhile, according to British intelligence in its daily bulletin on the progress of the war, Russia is likely limiting attacks on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure due to its limited stockpiles of missiles. The lack of ammunition also limits offensive land operations. Since October, Russia has built up its forces in Ukraine with tens of thousands of reservists. While this has reduced manpower shortages, ammunition shortages remain a key limiting factor for Russian offensive operations. Russia has likely limited its long-range missile strikes against Ukraine to about one per week due to the limited availability of cruise missiles.”

“Similarly, it is unlikely that Russia has increased stockpiles of artillery ammunition sufficiently to allow large-scale offensive operations. One of the vulnerabilities of the Russian operational design is that just to support offensive operations on the long front line significant daily use of missiles and artillery shells,” the bulletin concludes.

101,430 RUSSIANS KILLED, 480 IN YESTERDAY – The Ukrainian army says it killed 480 Russian soldiers yesterday, bringing the total to 101,430 killed in opposing ranks since the February 24 invasion. This is what we read in the daily bulletin of the General Staff of Kiev