Ukraine, Russian embassy in Rome: “Vehicle sent from Italy destroyed”

“The fate of the military assets transferred to the Kiev regime is predictable and unenviable”

“An Italian-made ‘Iveco Lmv 4×4’ Ukrainian army armored vehicle which was destroyed during the special military operation. The fate of the military vehicles transferred to the Kiev regime is predictable and unenviable.” The Russian embassy in Rome writes it in a post on Facebook, publishing images of a destroyed armored car.

Yesterday, always on Facebook. the Russian embassy had instead published photos of the Italian-made ‘Milan’ anti-tank missiles “captured from the enemy” and which now “help the defenders of the Donetsk People’s Republic to fight the Ukrainian neo-Nazis”, underlining that “at least this weapon is in good hands”.

“In the meantime, according to Europol data, many NATO weapons, supplied to the Kiev regime, end up on the black market and are resold to criminal organizations in Europe and elsewhere”, the diplomatic representation highlighted.

EMBASSY VS REPUBLIC – Furthermore, the Russian embassy in Rome railed against the Republic. “We were struck by the very strange article, ‘And the former councilor is brought to the court of Razov: ‘You will work for the Russians’, which refers to the ‘criminal connections’ of some Italian citizens with the Russian embassy in Rome”, writes the representation on Facebook speaking of the article on a request from a former Fdi adviser for contacts with the Russian embassy in Rome. And then accuses: “It is clear that his appearance on the pages of this newspaper is connected to the current internal Italian political squabbles”.

“The attempt to cast a shadow on the Russian embassy is disconcerting – the post continues – If someone seriously wanted to make a list of Italian citizens seeking meetings with embassy staff, all the pages of “Repubblica” would not be enough … But isn’t it perhaps one of the tasks of any diplomatic mission to have contact with the authorities and society of the host country?”.