Ukraine, Russian women video to Putin: “Enough massacre of our men”

The complaint on the independent site Sota: “Sent five at a time to attack fortified areas against 100 heavily armed men”

A group of Russian mothers and wives have shot a video in which they ask Russian President Vladimir Putin not to send their men “to slaughter”. CNN reports it, citing a video shared by independent Russian channel Sota.

The women say their sons and husbands were “forced to join assault groups” in early March after just four days of training. “Our mobilized men are sent to be slaughtered like lambs to attack fortified areas, five at a time against 100 heavily armed men,” the women denounce. from the line of contact and that the artillerymen are provided with artillery weapons and ammunition”, continue the women, who carry a sign with the inscription: “Separate Division 580 of artillery howitzers” and the date of 11 March 2023.