Ukraine, Russia’s withdrawal from Kherson: the background

CNN: Moscow has postponed its retreat so as not to favor Biden in the midterm vote

The Russians would have waited for the midterm vote before announcing their withdrawal from Kherson, to avoid giving US President Joe Biden an electoral advantage. CNN writes it, citing indications collected by American intelligence.

A well-informed source reported that the midterm elections were viewed by senior Russian officials as one of the factors in deciding when to announce withdrawal. Waiting for the US elections has always been “a condition” for withdrawal from the Ukrainian city, adds another source. According to American intelligence, this is another sign of Moscow’s interest in influencing American policy, even though Russia probably exaggerated the impact that the liberation of Kherson could have on the vote in the United States.

Biden himself seems to have alluded to this assessment of the Russians. “I find it interesting that they waited until after the election to make this argument, which we’ve known for a long time they would,” he said at a press conference on Wednesday as the Russians announced their withdrawal in the aftermath of the midterm vote.