Ukraine, Sky TG24 in the volunteer training camp: the report

In an unusually warm climate for the season, only 0 degrees on awakening, Kiev continues its daily dichotomy between the normal European capital and a city threatened by a possible future war. President Volodymyr Zelenskyi warns Westerners and Joe Biden not to spread panic and now throws water on a fire that at least helped stoke when last year he sounded the alarm about the massing of Russian troops just beyond the limits.

The training camps for volunteers

That Zelens’kyj was worried is shown by the law he wanted and just approved by the Rada (the Ukrainian parliament) in order to improve the defensive capacity of the country and to strengthen the army forces and through the rapid enrollment of civilians into a force. of reservists arm yourself called “Territorial Defense”. We went to see these training camps and those who participate in them seem to take it very seriously. Not only that, around the city there are several initiatives aimed at preparing the population for a possible attack.

The climate in Kiev

In all this, the city continues its regular life, amidst open and crowded bars and restaurants, while diplomacy flies high above the sky of Kiev: American general Mark Milley describes the prospect of a Russian attack as terrifying, the leaders hope all a de-escalation, starting with Russia which denies it wants to attack Ukraine. Nobody seems to want war, but after what happened in 2014, the Ukrainians seem not to trust and in the meantime they are preparing for the worst.