Ukraine, Stoltenberg: “Putin wants more war, prepare for a long conflict”

The NATO summit: “At the next NATO summit I expect the member countries to promise more ambitious defense investments, with a minimum of 2% of GDP”

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg urges to be prepared to support Ukraine for a long time because “the president Putin is not preparing for peace, but for more war“.

Interviewed by the Guardian, Stoltenberg warned that the Russian president is willing to continue the conflict, industrial military production is increasing and turning “to authoritarian regimes like Iran or North Korea, or others, to try to get more weapons.” For this reason, The United States, Great Britain, France, Germany and other states must prepare to support Ukraine for a long time with weapons, ammunition and spare parts. “This is a war of attrition,” we’re talking about “industrial capacity to sustain our support,” she stressed.

Only seven of the 30 NATO member countries have reached the target of 2% of GDP allocated to defence. Stolteberg said he expected at the upcoming Vilnius summit on July 1 that allies would agree “a more ambitious pledge of investment, with the 2% of GDP as a minimum for defense“.