Ukraine, Sullivan: “Cluster bombs reached the defenders at the front”

“If they aren’t already deployed now they will be in the next few hours or days”

“They were quickly dispatched and are in the hands of the Ukrainian defenders at the front.” Thus the adviser for National Security, Jake Sullivan, confirmed, interviewed by CNN, that US supplies of controversial cluster bombs have already been delivered to the Ukrainians. Regarding their actual use, Sullivan said that “if they haven’t already been deployed now, they will be in the next few hours or days.”

Sullivan once again defended Joe Biden’s decision to send this type of bomb, considered extremely dangerous for civilians and therefore prohibited by a convention signed by over 100 countries, referring to the fact that ammunition stocks are “low” in the US arsenals.

For Sullivan, “our moral authority and that of Ukraine in this conflict comes from the fact that we are supporting a country facing a brutal, vicious attack from a neighbor, with missiles and bombs raining down on its cities, killing civilians, destroying schools, churches and hospitals”. Sullivan, interviewed by NBC, replied to those who say that Washington has lost its moral authority by supplying Kiev with the controversial cluster bombs, banned by the convention signed by over 100 countries, but not by the United States and Ukraine.

“I find questionable the idea that providing Ukraine with a weapon to defend its land, protect civilians is in any way a challenge to our moral authority,” he added. “I say we are stepping up to give Ukraine what it needs to not be defenseless in the face of Russia’s carnage, we are not going to leave Ukraine defenseless,” the Biden adviser continued. However, Sullivan explained that the Biden administration does not intend to “replenish the arsenals” of the controversial bombs, focusing on the production of other ammunition.

As for the counteroffensive, “we said before it started that it would be difficult, and it is difficult, that is the nature of the war, but the Ukrainians keep going”said the White House National Security Advisor, denying however that the counteroffensive has stalled.

“We are continuing to provide them with the necessary weapons and capabilities and they will continue to try to retake the territory that Russia has illegally occupied,” he added, interviewed by Abcnews, referring to what he calls “progress both in the East and in the South “.