Ukraine, Suslov: “The Italian vote will change the war”

“Probably the new government will adjust its approach to war and relations with Moscow”

“The West has reached the limit of its pressure capacity”, it is “very unlikely that there will be new and tougher sanctions against Russia” and “Ukraine is financially bankrupt, the economy on its knees, infrastructure destroyed and has no resources “while” in Europe no country has more weapon systems to send “and” there are interesting political dynamics underway “. Dmitry Suslov directs the Center for European and International Studies at the Moscow Higher School of Economics and with Corriere della Sera talks about the “polls according to which the center-right led by the Brothers of Italy should win the Italian elections” while the conflict in Ukraine is “become a war of attrition”.

“Probably the new government will adjust the approach to war and relations with Moscow. And this could act as a laboratory for other EU countries – he says – But also looking at America, in the midterm elections, where the Republicans appear in the lead , there is a growing likelihood that the collective West’s stance will change on both military support and sanctions. It could happen early next year. “

And at that point “it will be necessary to see where the front will be, probably Russia will have taken control of all the remaining territories of the Donbass”. And, he concludes, “we know that there is a group of tough guys in the Kremlin, who are pushing for the conquest of almost all of the Ukrainian territory, but Odessa seems the least to then achieve territorial continuity with Crimea”.