Ukraine, Tajani: “After the gas price ceiling, inflation will decrease”

As for the conflict, the Foreign Minister clarified: “Italy has always worked for a diplomatic solution but for a just peace”

“The government is working to alleviate the suffering that the war causes to Italian families and businesses, especially as regards the cost of energy. Fortunately, we have now managed to achieve an important success by capping the price of gas. The price of gas will decrease and so I think there will be some easing on inflation as well, inflation should decrease“. This was declared by Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani, speaking on Rainews 24.

“We will focus a lot on the economy in the coming weeks and months – Tajani then assured – precisely to allow Italians to live in a better condition. I am optimistic about the future, as is the president of the European Central Bank and the president of Confindustria: I believe that there will be a recovery starting from the months of April and May and this should make the economic situation less complicated”, he added.

Italy has always worked for a diplomatic solution and to achieve the goal of peace, that of put Zelensky and Putin around a table“, said the foreign minister. “Of course it will be above all China and the United States, and I believe also through the Vatican and the UN, the protagonists of an action of convincing the two parties to sit around a table to reach a peace, which however must be a just peace”, he underlined. “He cannot see Ukraine subjected to Russia, but it must be a peace where international law is respected, where the independence of Ukraine is guaranteed, which today it is a candidate country to be part of the European Union”.

QATARGATE – “For a few bad apples there is the risk of tarnishing an institution that represents a garrison of democracy, the only European institution elected directly by the citizens”, commented the data of a survey relating to the distrust that Qatargate has caused among Italians compared to the European institutions. “The media uproar has caused a negative repercussion within Italian public opinion”, lamented the minister. “We need to tell the Italians that the vast majority of European parliamentarians are decent people”.

REGENI CASE – The head of the Farnesina then returned to talk about the Regeni case. “We need to shed light and ensure a just sanction against those who committed that horrendous crime: relations with Egypt are not a tool to erase what happened. What happened is a very serious, unacceptable fact – he said Tajani – we have condemned him and we have always reminded the Egyptian authorities of this: we want those guilty of that horrendous execution of a young Italian student to be punished. But we must have relations with an important country for the stability of the entire area”.