Ukraine, Tajani: “Berlusconi has never defended Putin”

The Foreign Minister assures: “His words do not affect Meloni’s visit to Kiev”

“Berlusconi has never defended Putin, Berlusconi – who is a man of peace – presented his idea to follow a diplomatic path. Italy’s position and that of Forza Italia, I will say this afternoon in Parliament, has never changed : we have always voted together with the European People’s Party, together with the majority forces in Italy, we are on the side of Ukraine, the West, NATO, Europe and the United States”. The foreign minister said, Antonio Tajanicommenting on the words of the Forza Italia leader on the sidelines of an event at the Farnesina.

“Absolutely not”, he then replied to the question whether Berlusconi’s words could in some way invalidate the announced visit of Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni to Kiev. “The prime minister will decide with the Ukrainian government when to go there,” added Tajani.

“It is impossible to think that I am not always and in any case at Berlusconi’s side. I have been doing it for 40 years, I have known him for many years”, the Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister later stated in an interview with “L’Aria che tira ” on A7. But in politics facts count. Forza Italia has always and in any case voted in harmony with the EPP and with the majority parties, so there is no doubt about the position of Forza Italia”, added Tajani.