Ukraine, Tajani: “Missile on Zaporizhzhia would be worse than Chernobyl”

Foreign minister: “Italy will continue to support Kiev with the aim of achieving peace”

”It is necessary to create a free zone around Zaporizhzhia” in southern Ukraine, where the largest nuclear power plant in Europe is located. Because ”if it were hit by a missile or a grenade, even by mistake, the event would be worse than Chernobyl”. He said it Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani meeting journalists at the Farnesina.

The attacks that the Russian Federation carries out against the civilian population are ”unacceptable. It means wanting to hit a people rather than the politics or government of a country”, continued the minister, reiterating the request that ”there is absolutely a moment of peace, but this cannot mean the surrender of Ukraine” . Italy, continued Tajani, remains firm in supporting Kiev and ”will continue to support Ukraine with the aim of achieving peace”. And subsequently ”it will have to play a leading role in the reconstruction” of Ukraine at the end of the conflict.