Ukraine, Tajani: “No opening from Moscow, dialogues underway with Paris on an air shield”

The foreign minister told Corriere della Sera: “There are some international players such as China, Turkey and the United States who could make a difference at a diplomatic level”

“Unfortunately this is the case, there is no good news on the way, even Putin’s truce was made for internal purposes and in a unilateral way. We must continue to work for peace, but all these signs do not allow us to be optimistic. There are some international actors such as China, Turkey and the United States who could make the difference at a diplomatic level, but there are no real manifestations of opening from the Russian side at the moment”. This was stated by the Foreign Minister, Antonio Tajani, in an interview with Corriere della Sera.

On the request for greater speed in sending other military aid to Kiev, which the American National Security Adviser seems to have made to the Italian government, “the talks with Washington are constant and normal, we are an important interlocutor, but there has been no of weapons. The sixth defense package is still to be perfected, as expected – underlines Tajani – there will be no sending before information is sent to Parliament. We are also discussing with the French to perfect the sending of systems from a technical point of view of air defense which are based on joint technologies between Rome and Paris”.