Ukraine, Tajani: “We defend Kiev because we want peace”

The Foreign Minister: “Italy is not at war against Russia but in defense of the independence of Kiev” and clarifies: “Russian propaganda is a problem that does not exist in Italy”

“Why do we defend Ukraine? Because we want peace and defeating Ukraine is not a solution. If we want peace we must bring the interlocutors to the same table“. This was stated by Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani in his speech at the Munich Security Conference. Recalling that Italy has approved six aid packages in Kievnot just military, Tajani stressed that “we are not against peace, Italy is not at war with Russiabut committed to the defense of the independence of Ukraine”.

“99% of Italians are in favor of Ukraine. For me Russian propaganda does not exist in my countryit’s not a problem”, assured the foreign minister answering a question from the audience. “No one watches Russian television or reads Russian newspapers, Russian propaganda is absolutely not a problem in Italy”, Tajani insisted, pointing out that there is not a country in Europe that “is doing what the financial police do against the oligarchsa very, very strong action”.

The deputy premier at the Munich Security Conference then indicated how “crucial point” to strengthen EU unity is to invest in security. “We need a European defense if we want to be stronger in NATO, if we want to be strong interlocutors with the US, if we want to protect ourselves. We need to spend more on defense in Europe and have a European defence”.

Without a stronger European defense it is impossible to have a stronger foreign policy. We have to work hard in this direction, first of all at an industrial level”, Tajani articulated. As far as European defense is concerned, today we are “only at the beginning – he explained – we have a small group of soldiers, but we need more in the future if we want defense to be part of foreign policy”.