Ukraine, Tajani: “Weapons from Italy? For now we are only talking about defense systems”

The Foreign Minister: “Immediate aid and arms to Kiev, Russia wants a new Middle Ages”

“Italy is an integral part of the EU and NATO and consequently we are working with the allies to defend the independence of Ukraine. The parliament has extended the decree for which weapons will be sent, but for now we are only talking about defense systems aerial”. Antonio Tajani confirmed this to ‘Non stop news’ on Rtl, adding that “we will continue to send aid for the population and electrical material and to support the plan for the neutrality of the Zaporizhzhia plant”.

“China, the USA, Turkey and the Vatican – said the foreign minister – can play a leading role in a positive solution to the conflict. The entry of Finland and Sweden into NATO would not exacerbate tensions”.

“The sending of weapons will take place as soon as possible. Ukraine also urgently needs aid for civilians. We are focusing on humanitarian support. Russia wants to bring Ukraine back to the Middle Ages,” Tajani told ‘La Stampa’ . “For the Samp-T missiles it takes time, there are technical issues to be resolved, but we will arrive at a solution”, assures the Forza Italia exponent. Tajani says he is “worried” by an escalation: “The climate – he observes – is not the best. The declarations of the Russians are very aggressive. I hope it is propaganda and that there is no desire to raise the tone of the clash. We must do everything, so that the clash never widens. Neither NATO, nor Europe, which has a duty to help Ukraine, is at war with Russia”.